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Human Resources

"People oriented" human resource management

ENNSON firmly believe that human resources are one of the company's core competitiveness.

For HENSON, one of the aspects that can best reflect its competitive advantage is to have a group of talent teams who are loyal to the enterprise, loyal to the career, firmly believe that team interests are higher than personal interests, and can self-discipline, self-motivation and self-development, who understand technology, can manage and are good at marketing.

HENSON will always follow the basic human resource management philosophy of "keeping people for career, feelings and treatment" and "paying attention to individuals".

HENSON will implement this concept in our various human resource management policies, establish a salary incentive mechanism that combines personal value creation and ability and shares the achievements of enterprise development through the three full coverage of career planning, education and training and performance appraisal, strengthen the attraction and development of talents, and better provide strong people for enterprise development.

HENSON will always adhere to the employment principle of having both ability and political integrity and putting morality first.

HENSON do not pursue perfection, but follow the concept of "employing talents". We always adhere to the "performance principle" and "Heroes based on performance" through the "horse racing mechanism". The only thing that can deny a person is his "conduct". We will never use people with "bad conduct".

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