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时间:2022-01-06 13:16

Construction of HGG and dryer project

Beijing HENSON Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional engineering company for the production line of HGG and dryer.

The HGG independently developed by our company has strong fuel adaptability and can burn bituminous coal, anthracite, lean coal, lignite, coal annihilate and oil shale. The temperature is uniform and the operation is stable, which is conducive to the improvement of product technology, has a high degree of automation, greatly reduces the labor of workers, and the thermal efficiency can reach more than 95%. The fuel is fully burned, and the coal burning rate exceeds 98%. At the same time, the fluidized Sox, nitride and NOx are basically discharged in the ash and do not pollute the atmosphere. Comprehensive utilization of ash and slag. The combustion temperature of fluidized bed furnace is about 900 ° C. without high-temperature melting process, ash and slag has good activity and low carbon content. It is a good admixture for cement. The boiler can be stopped and the fire can be pressed for up to 80 hours, saving a lot of firewood for fire, and the production efficiency can be improved by 10-15%.

Rotary dryer is a new generation of high-efficiency and energy-saving products developed by our company. It has been widely used in building materials, chemical industry, coal, metallurgy, grain, light industry and other industries. It has created good social benefits and is deeply praised by users. The machine adopts a number of new technologies unique to the enterprise, which can increase the output by 50% - 100%. The drying heat consumption is reduced by 20% - 30%; The power consumption of equipment is reduced by 30% - 50%, which is affirmed by relevant experts.

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