Upgrade Project

时间:2022-01-06 14:06

Upgrade renovation for tube mill system

Beijing HENSON Engineering Technology Co., Ltd. specializes in the upgrading renovation for tube mill system. The company has process engineer and mechanical engineer special for tube mill grinding station.

Case 1: Installation of Roller Press with Ball Mills is to reduce the power consumption as well as to improve the efficiency of mills.

Case 2: Improve Quality of the cement produced/increasing the capacity and reduce the power consumption by installing a High Efficiency Separator/place existing Separator.

Case 3: Combined with the actual working conditions and grinding mechanism of the mill, the internal structure of the mill is improved as a whole part, and the new anti-blocking compartment device, discharging device, new type of plate and activating device are replaced to improve the grinding efficiency of the mill and reduce the grinding power consumption, and other operating costs.

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